Quality in Production

We collect all the colors of the nature under one roof.

Production Facilities

Producing special designs for each city, each park, each piece of land  Aktaş Plant creates landscaping wonders with its 27,500 m2 indoor and 150,000 m2 outdoor production facilities, it makes production with its leading technology in modern greenhouses. The gigantic greenhouses of AktaşPlant, which has proven its quality controls the environment with the aim of providing suitable conditions for cultivating plants,  these special designed greenhouses are made of plastic, light-transmitting materials such as fiberglass.

Keeping close to the sectoral developments and technological achievements in the world, Aktas Plant goes one step further and brings new innovations to the world floriculture sector with its own production models.

Aktas Plant, which grows in proportion to the production quality every passing day and year, lives the advantages of modern production concept by producing 40 million seasonal flowers, 500 thousand tree groups and 3 million bulb plants per year.

Focusing specifically on the research and development field, Aktas Plant, with its large production facilities and its expert employees, offers the joy of colors to the world. its modernist approach to production and the environment integrated structure, reflects its organic power.

Aktaş Plant's quality-oriented management approach is controlled by experts at all stages from production to delivery. Because, either the life of a flower or the life of a brand depends on this well-designed organisation.